Five apartment decorating tips

Your home should reflect your decorative style and taste. If you live in an apartment you may wonder how to make the most of your interior design choices. With these apartment decorating ideas for 2020 you can make a big impact decorating a small space.


Before bringing anything else in, see what you can remove. With the ease of ordering items online and having the packages delivered to your door, it’s not hard to accumulate piles of stuff. This might be annoying in a larger house, but in an apartment it can become downright distracting. Research has shown that being surrounded by clutter can significantly raise stress levels. Decluttering doesn’t just make your apartment look better, it’ll make you feel better too.

Lighten up

Playing with colors is an excellent way to add pizzazz to your apartment. While dark colors absorb light and make rooms feel smaller, light colors will make a small space feel bigger. And this doesn’t mean you’re stuck with white. Choose off-white tones or light blues and greens for bold colors or you can even throw in some furniture with striking colors. To really lighten the room, add more light fixtures or switch to brighter bulbs.

Multi-purpose furniture

Living in an apartment sometimes requires you to get creative with the way you use space. This makes multi-purpose furniture highly useful. A comfortable fold-out sofa turns your living room into a spare bedroom. Items like a coffee table with storage inside or a hanging shelf system are good for daily use, as well as stashing items away. Consider using room dividers that create privacy, but also add a nice decorative touch. Another benefit of multi-purpose furniture is that when you decide to live elsewhere, it enables you to move quickly without having to deal with as much furniture.

Floating furniture.

Speaking of furniture if you have lots of furniture in a small apartment it will quickly overwhelm the space. Go light on your furniture and try to offer floating furniture and wall-mounted shelves and cabinetry. These choices will make your home feel more open. If floating furniture isn’t enough, go bold and try glass top tables in the dining room area or living room. Being see-through you can see more of the room.

Top storage

When it comes to wall-mounted shelving and storage, why settle for a bit here and there. Instead, choose a wall on which you can make a dramatic statement and install a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf. This will not only create an inviting place to display your favorite reads, it will also offer a place to store and show off a variety of other items. Just because an apartment is small doesn’t mean that your decor ideas have to be. By keeping tabs on your clutter and decorating thoughtfully, you make a truly good apartment out of a space that starts out looking rather average.

We know space can sometimes be tight in an apartment, so we hope you try these apartment decorating ideas for 2020. They can really help you and feel like you have more room!