Zen Buddhism is a Mahayana Buddhism practice first developed in China. This practice involves exercising meditation and mindfulness to achieve harmony and balance. Zen design, originating in Japan, draws inspiration from Zen Buddhism. It encourages inner peace and balance through meditation, mindfulness, and simplicity. Zen design values simple and natural elements, bringing them together to create balanced compositions. In our latest blog, we share the top designer tips to create a Zen apartment.

The feel and Look of a Zen Space

A Zen design is perfect for people wanting a more simplistic and grounding space to relax and recharge. The goal of Zen design is to create a space that evokes a sense of tranquility and serenity, which fits the bill perfectly. A Zen space usually feels open and airy. It utilizes simple designs, neutral colors, and balanced compositions to achieve maximum relaxation. Continue reading to learn more.

Create a Clutter-Free Space

The first step in crafting a more Zen space is by clearing your home of clutter. Clutter can make your home feel cramped and overwhelming. With clutter, you can expect disorganization and chaos to follow. Disorganization and chaos can make you feel discombobulated and deter you from feeling relaxed in your home. When you clear your home of clutter, you will instantly feel more comfortable, knowing everything is in place for when you need them.

Simple Design

Zen and minimalist designs go hand-in-hand. It uses simple design elements to enforce a more visually clutter-free space. In Zen design, you typically want to avoid outlandish designs and colors and opt for simple patterns and neutral color choices. In Zen design, designers often use beige, white, and gray shades and play with different textures to create a minimalist but still visually interesting aesthetic.

Creating a Zen Interior Design 

Natural Elements

Using natural elements in the home can help to create a Zen space. It’ ‘s no secret that time spent outdoors, whether in the mountains or the beach, has a calming and soothing effect. Implementing certain natural elements can allow you to feel the same in your home. Designers often use wood, plants, and stone elements in their Zen designs.

Balanced Compositions

Zen design is all about balance. It considers how different elements and colors compare to each other. In Zen design, designers carefully consider how everything works together, whether it be the size, shape, and color of each element. This can be anything from furniture to decorative pieces.

Creating a Zen Interior Design 

An Escape from the City

Zen design is one of our favorite ways to make the most of your space and home. It will allow you to feel at peace in your home and leave you feeling rejuvenated. No matter how big or small your city may be, life in the city can be filled with chaos and noise. While the bustling of it can be invigorating, crafting your home as a place of solitude can help you get the rest you need from it all each day. At SD Flats, we offer great spaces that will allow you to create your safe escape in the city. Our communities are equipped with all the basics, and with the implementation of Zen design, there’s no doubt you can make it home. Check out our communities, Island Flats and J Street Flats, today! For details, call (619) 232-4138 (Island Flats), (619) 696-6922 (J Street Flats), or click here.