While living in a rural or suburban setting has its perks, there’s nothing quite like living in the city. This is especially true when living it comes to living in downtown San Diego. In our latest blog, we go over the three benefits of living in the city. Read along to see if it’s right for you.

Access to All the Attractions

While living downtown has many advantages, the one that trumps the list is access to all the major attractions. When you live downtown, you can easily step out and boom! Coffee shops, restaurants, bookstores, boutiques, and parks galore. Like, any other city San Diego has nearly just about everything you could ever want. While everything is just about a walk away, you’re also a short 10-15 minute drive to major attractions like the San Diego Zoo, Sea World, Coronado Island, and Balboa Park, which features dozens of museums worth exploring. Life is never boring in the city. Living in the city is ideal for people who love exploring and trying new things.

Getting from Place to Place with Ease

Another benefit of living in the city is the ease of getting from place to place. With everything in such proximity and all the different modes of transportation available, you can get where you want without any issues. While you can still keep your car, you can also live without it. Living in the city means you can ditch it and opt for a more convenient and economical means to get from place to place. Never worry about filling up your tank or parking when everything is a walk, a trolly, a bike, and a scooter ride away. San Diego has a fantastic trolly system that allows you to travel throughout the city and surrounding neighborhoods. And for a quicker mode of transport, you can quickly hop on and off the scooters spread out all over the city.

Three Benefits of Living in The City, San Diego

City Life Happenings

They say the city never sleeps, and there’s a reason for that. The list of events is just as endless as the places to visit and see. It’s no secret that everything happens in the city, from concerts to fairs and more. In San Diego, all the significant events happen at the waterfront park in Little Italy, seaport village, San Diego Convention Center, and the Petco Park Stadium. Some notable events to look out for include festivals of all varieties (music, food, beer, etc.), Baseball games, Comicon, and more. When you live downtown, you are a short distance from each of these places. They are all conveniently situated downtown as well. Stay close to where all the action is happening, and never miss out on all the fun.

Apartments in Downtown San Diego, CA

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