It’s moving season, which means many people are moving out of their old apartments and into their new ones. If you’re moving out, you might be expecting to get your deposit back. Don’t fear the unexpected, be prepared! Here are tips to ensure you get your security deposit back!


Read Your Lease 

First things first – MAKE SURE YOU READ YOUR LEASE! Yes, it’s that easy!

We know leases tend to be long but take your time to read everything, so you know what you are responsible for. Your lease should also tell you the rules of your complex, which will leave you in good standing with your landlord if followed.


Inspect Everything Before You Move In 

Before you move in, take a good look around and take note of the apartment’s appearance. In most cases, your landlord will give you a document to write things down, but if not, create your own.

You’ll want to make sure you make a note of any damage to walls, floors, drawers, and doors. Keep all of your inspection documentation that way, you have evidence, so you’re not blamed for anything when your lease is up.


Take Extra Precautions

Sticking nails in your wall create holes, but there are ways to avoid this issue. Instead, buy hooks with sticky tack to hang pictures. No holes help ensure you get your deposit back!


Clean, Clean, Clean!

No one wants to move into a dirty apartment, so if you really want your deposit back, make sure you clean your apartment from top to bottom before moving out.


Take Pictures After You Move Out

If you have roommates and you can’t move out at the same time as them. We recommend taking pictures of your room because although you might have left your room looking great, your roommates might not have done the same.


Leave a Forwarding Address

Make sure to leave a forwarding address because although it would be nice to receive your deposit the same day you move out, typically, that’s not how it works.

After your landlord completes their inspection, you’ll want to be sure they have a current address they can forward the check to.

We know moving in or out can be stressful, so we hope these tips to ensure you get your security deposit back help relieve some stress!