Summer is fast approaching, and we know you’re excited. But we also know that with all the summertime fun comes the often torturous summertime heat followed by high electric bills. Don’t let the inevitable summer heat take away from the joy of summers in San Diego. To help combat the summer heat, we list a 3 summer apartment living tips.

Block the Sun Out

Block out the blazing summer sun and heat into your apartment by installing shades, blinds, film, curtains, or a window covering of sorts. The Department of Energy reports that window coverings can reduce up to 77 percent heat gain. In finding the right window covering for your apartment, keep in mind that its effectiveness will depend on the type of covering, the color, and material makeup. 

Switch Out Outdated Lights

Switch out your outdated traditional light bulbs for LED lights. Traditional light bulbs, such as fluorescent and incandescent lighting, generate a lot of heat, ultimately increasing the temperature in your apartment. LED bulbs are great alternatives for a variety of reasons. 1. They produce less heat. 2. Energy-efficient. 3. Save users money. Although LED lights are not entirely heat-free, they yield 80% less heat than traditional bulbs -traditional light bulbs utilize heat to generate light, while LED lights use semi-conductors. Due to their lighting technology, LED lights are considered the most energy-efficient lighting option available, saving users a lot of money in electric costs. Additionally, although they cost more upfront, LED bulbs are reported to last up to 25x longer than traditional lights. Make the switch today! 

Choose Summer Appropriated Beddings

Switching your bedsheets can help combat the warmer evenings ahead. Consider natural bedding fabrics such as cotton and linen. Cotton and linen are light, breathable, and perfect to keep you cool in the summer. Additionally, switching your comforter for a less bulky and heavy alternative, such as a quilt, can help keep you from breaking a sweat or turning down the thermostat just to stay cool. 

Make the Most of your Summer in San Diego

There you have it, our 3 summer apartment living tips. We love summers in San Diego. The weather is idyllic, the city is jammed packed with activities and festivities, and with the beaches are close by. There’s truly nothing more you could ever want. If you’re looking for the perfect apartment in the heart of all that San Diego has to offer, consider one of our flats. For Island Flats call (619) 232-4138, for J Street Flats call (619) 696-6922, and for more information click here.