When searching for apartments, you may have found some listings with the term “furnished apartments” and are left wondering what this means. A furnished apartment in San Diego means it will come equipped with the necessary items you’ll need to live comfortably. The rooms may include tables, couches, beds, dressers, and more. Furnishings will vary for every apartment complex and landlord. These types of apartments have tons of benefits, so we’ve created a list of the top 5 perks!

  1. Lower Upfront Costs

If you’ve ever had to set up your own space, it’s no secret; furniture is expensive! You won’t have to worry about all those extra upfront costs or spend time meticulously measuring every room. Plus, you won’t have to bribe any of your friends into helping you haul a massive couch up flights of stairs.

With unfurnished apartments, that first month can be time-consuming and a financial nightmare. You’ll have to pay your first month’s rent and the down deposit and still have enough left over to buy the necessary furniture like a bed or kitchen table.

  1. Moving Becomes Much Easier

As we’ve already mentioned, the moving day can be exhausting! Moving heavy furniture, renting a U-Haul, and figuring out where to set everything up will take a couple of days. If you’re moving to San Diego from out of state or across the country, the costs of moving your furniture will be a significant expense. Plus, you may not want to take time off work or use up your weekend to move. When renting a furnished apartment in San Diego, these concerns are minimized or completely eliminated. It will drastically reduce the move-in time and can easily take less than a day to get all setup.

  1. You Are Still Able to Decorate Your Space

You may be worried that an unfurnished apartment won’t feel like they’re your own space. After all, that is one of the most exciting parts of moving into a place! Thankfully, you can still decorate and reorganize the room however you’d like. You can bring all your decorations from your current apartment or find new ones that go along with your new furniture. A little creativity will go a long way! Rugs, photos, end tables, and other non-essentials will give your home its own unique style.

  1. They’re Ideal for Short-Term Rentals

These apartments work well for people who don’t plan on staying the one place for a long time. Spending all of the time and money to furnish your new home takes a lot of commitment. These apartments are perfect if you are unsure if you are staying in the area long-term or expecting to move after a year. It’s great for students, traveling professionals, or people who aren’t entirely sure if they want to settle down in the area for a while. Additionally, it’s excellent for first-time renters moving out of their parent’s house for the first time! They most likely don’t have any furniture yet and may need some time to save up to furnish their next apartment.

  1. You’ll Save Time and Reduce Your Stress

Moving to a new city or into a new area should be fun, not stressful. Unfortunately, it’s well known that the initial stages of the move are the most hectic. When your apartment is pre-furnished, you get to skip this part and spend your time exploring the new area or meeting your neighbors. You’ll be comfortable in your space from day one!

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