Currently, 1% of San Diegans call downtown San Diego their home, however that is more than double the number from ten years ago. More and more San Diegans are choosing downtown to be the place they call home. That’s because downtown has so much to offer. This blog will go over the reasons why Downtown San Diego is a great place to live.


A Bright Future Lies Ahead


A bright future lies ahead of Downtown San Diego. Its growth is due to the downsizing of baby boomers and the uprising of Millennials. Millennials, which are looking to invest in the market, crave the convenience of urban locations. As more and more Millennials move into downtown, its rapid development is making it a better place to live in. San Diego is just behind New York and Los Angeles for the most desired destination for up-and-coming adults. Downtown San Diego is now also a fast-growing hub for innovation and tech startups. Downtown is seeing an increase in ambitious, young entrepreneurs that are centering around East Village and Little Italy.


An Affluent and Well-Educated Population


As it has often been said about Millennials, they are a group of well-educated people with big plans. The median age of downtown residents is 40, with the majority being in their early 30’s. Another striking characteristic of downtown San Diego is how active the residents are. According to a Downtown San Diego Partnership study, 84% reported working out at least three to four times per week. Since downtown offers easy access to biking trails, beaches, and gyms, it makes it a lot easier to work out compared to a home in the suburbs. That is a big plus for living downtown.


Reasons why Downtown San Diego is a Great Place to Live


Close to Plenty of Employment Opportunities


Downtown is one of the county’s major employment hubs. Living there would give you the benefit of a short commute to work. The major employment types that lie within downtown include government jobs, office and administrative jobs, tech jobs, and construction. Living next to your place of employment is also what makes it an attractive place to live. The average commute time is about 21 minutes, which means plenty of time to enjoy all the amenities of living in the city.


Reasons why Downtown San Diego is a Great Place to Live


24/7 Entertainment


For the people who like being in the middle of the action, downtown is the perfect place to be. You don’t have to be from San Diego to know the Gaslamp is where the nightlife fun is. Packed within its sixteen blocks are numbers of clubs, restaurants, theaters, galleries, and shops. Living options are primarily of the condo and loft variety. Food is also one of the best aspects of downtown. From Little Italy’s Italian food to burgers, Mexican food, you name it. Downtown has it all. Music is also everywhere to be found. San Diego boasts a symphony, opera, and many different performing arts groups and venues.


Reasons why Downtown San Diego is a Great Place to Live


Downtown San Diego is becoming one of the most desired places to live for hundreds of people. We hope this blog was able to show how Downtown San Diego is a great place to live. If you want to live in the heart of San Diego, please don’t hesitate to contact us and schedule a tour! Visit our website at or call Island Flats at 619.232.4138 or J Street Flats at 619.696.6922. Live Urban. Live Easy. Live Simply. Live SD Flats.