As the weather starts to cool down in California and the fall holidays become entirely in effect, this is the perfect time to decorate your home for the autumn season. You’ll fall in love with these decoration and design tips for transitioning your apartment from summer to fall. Our San Diego Flats team came up with multiple different ways that you can redesign your home for the fall season.

Fall Accents

Living in an apartment can create some issues when trying to decorate for different seasons. This is when you have to get creative with your decoration ideas to make sure that they accommodate the limited space in which you’re living. However, with the areas you can work with, adding fall accents like small orange pumpkins, fake and colorful leaves, or fall flavored candles around your apartment can make it feel warm and cozy. If you’re looking for more tips on how to transition your apartment or are looking for an apartment, reach out to our San Diego Flats staff.


One of the most exciting things about transitioning to the fall season is celebrating Halloween. Decorating your apartment with fun Halloween decorations will immediately set the tone in your apartment when you add carved pumpkins, fake bats, spiders, spiderwebs, ghosts, and more to countertops, bookshelves, picture frames, doors, or other places. Adding carved pumpkins, fake bats, spiders, spiderwebs, ghosts, and more will create the perfect Halloween apartment during the fall season. Call San Diego Flats and rent a flat today if you need an apartment to decorate this autumn season!


Adding the right colors to your fall home’s décor design, like dark reds, oranges, yellows, and browns, will create the perfect autumn feel in your home. Other dark fall colors include green, blue, and berry colors, which can add a pop of vibrancy to your home as the seasons begin to change. These colors also pair well with fall patterns like plaid. Are you looking for the perfect space to decorate and settle down in? Well San Diego Flats has the apartment for you!

Cozy Accents

Bundling up with a fuzzy blanket on a brisk autumn night is one of the best ways to enjoy the fall season. Adding cozy accents to your apartment’s décor, like furry and fall-themed throw blankets or pillows, can immediately make your home feel ready for the fall season.


Using a centerpiece is a great way to showcase the fall features around your home. Centerpiece design accents are usually put on coffee tables, mantels, countertops, dining tables, and more to create that fall feel throughout your house. Thinking about getting an apartment that you can personally design? talk to one of our San Diego Flats staff members!

Fall Plants & Flowers

If you already enjoy having plant life around your home, incorporating fall plants and flowers is a great way to use the extra space in your flat during the fall season. If you have an outdoor patio, you can easily put potted plants both in and outside of your apartment to add even more color and fall décor around your flat. If you’re looking for an affordable apartment to rent and decorate, look into our San Diego Flats apartments!

Fall Vegetables & Nuts

In addition to all of the fall plants you can use for your apartment decorations, there are also lots of fall vegetables and nuts that are great to use when transitioning your apartment from summer to fall. More tips for transitioning your apartment from summer to fall is adding vegetable or nut designs. These decorations include pumpkins, squash, gourds, corn cobs with pigmented kernels, and apples. Pears and berries also make for great fall accents around your flat. Easily string these items together and hang them up or place them in bowls with one another.

Fall-Inspired Wreaths

Wreaths are a great decoration that you can use all year round for multiple seasons and holidays. Wreaths are a simple way to add color and texture to your home design. You can use wreaths made out of corn cobs, mini pumpkins, mini fall vegetables, or dark berry garlands while also incorporating fall colors into them. You can either buy a fake wreath or go to a florist to see what wreaths are available.

Front Door

Your front door first shows off your apartment and your character to others who see it before entering. You can use this space to hang wreaths that are filled with multicolored leaves, gourds, or ribbons, and even by stacking pumpkins or other fall décor items around your front door. Do you want a front door to decorate and an apartment to rent? Then check out San Diego Flats to get started!

Bathroom Décor

At San Diego Flats, we have spacious full bathrooms for our renters to use comfortably. However, apartment bathrooms can usually be on the smaller side, so it is important to keep these essential tips in mind when transitioning your bathroom to make sure you’re not overcrowding the area. You can add small accents like a fall scented candle on the countertop, a colorful leaf garland around the mirror, or by switching your soap dispenser to a fall scent. If you need an apartment bathroom to decorate this fall season, San Diego Flats has the perfect one for you.

Fall Scents

You can fill your apartment up with many different scents that will create the perfect fall feeling. Some of the more popular events include cinnamon, apple, ginger, wild orange, nutmeg, pumpkin spice, and much more. People can buy these scents as candles, wax melts, air fresheners, or even use DIY to create the best fall smells.

Why You Should Choose San Diego Flats

Have you been looking for a studio apartment that can accommodate all of your needs while being comfortable and easy to decorate throughout the different seasons? Then you should look into renting a San Diego Flats apartment today! You can easily use these tips while transitioning your apartment from summer to fall when you move into one of our SD Flats. If you’re looking for an apartment in the heart of San Diego, you can reach us by calling Island Flats at (619) 232-4138 or J Street Flats at (619) 696-6922 or by clicking here.